About Us

The Prefab Building Experts

Briarwood Building Co. was founded after many years of building against the academic calendar. Typical construction was not working for us so we assembled a team of architects, construction mangers, logistic, and industrial experts to create a team that can help change the way we look at construction.



Briarwood's team of professional architects, designers, and builders will ensure your project's floor plan best fits your needs, timeline, and budget.

Briarwood Building Co.


With prefab, weather delays are a thing of the past. Our temperature-controlled warehouse ensures year-round building on a guaranteed schedule. We take the variables out of construction and provide consistency, no matter the season.



Briarwood takes pride in our flexible scheduling and 24/7 service. With just a few days' notice, we can ship the components of your new project to your job site anywhere in the country.

Why Choose Us?

Located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, Briarwood Building Co. has easy access to the entire Midwest. And with more than two decades of experience in the architecture, construction, and engineering industry, our team of building experts has seen it all.

We have the knowledge to understand your needs and the ability to bring your building blueprints to life.